New features

EzyCourse One-Click Upsell & Downsell

Use upsell and downsell to generate more revenue on your platform. This article guides you can create upsell/downsell and elevate sales.

Show Custom Fields on Certificates

Learn how to use the custom signup fields and show them on any of your course certificates.

Quiz Lesson Feedback

Learn how to send personalized feedback to your students who submitted a quiz lesson on your platform.

Custom Signup Text Fields

Set your own set of custom fields to show your users on the signup form of your website and take important information.

Premium/Locked Channels in Membership Plans

Now you can add locked and premium channels in your membership plans!

Zoom is Live Now in EzyCourse

Let us proudly share that EzyCourse now integrates with Zoom. You can now host live meetings, community interactions, and course live lessons with Zoom integration in EzyCourse. 

Randomize Quiz Questions

Test your students' knowledge and set up randomized quiz questions for more effective online assessment.

Automate Tax, VAT, & GST Collection with Stripe

Configure and set up Stripe Tax for your platform, and automate the collection of tax/VAT in your platform.

Custom Checkout Text Fields

Learn to create your own custom fields to show on the product checkout page and take any information as they are buying.

Student Dashboard Update: Add Payment Cards

Learn how to let students change or update their payment card info from the student dashboard.

DRM (Digital Rights Management): Protect Your Content from Digital Theft!

Ensure content protection by preventing users from taking screenshots, screen records, and downloading the video with our DRM solution.

Improved Video Player Security: Video Watermarks

Keep your content safe and protect from unauthorized distribution using watermarks on your videos.

Generate video captions in any language using AI with a single click.

Enhance your course videos with our AI-generated captions add-on.

Limit Student Login

Have you ever thought of limiting students' login to your website? With our new feature update, you can now set a minimum number of active login sessions per student. 

Offer Card-less Free Trial

Give your students the opportunity to try free trial of your products without giving any card details.

Free Trial

Learn how to enable the free trial option for courses and memberships on your platform.

Popup Campaign (Mobile App)

Learn how the popup campaign add-on lets you send interactive popups to your mobile app users.

Archive Pricings

Archive pricing feature lets you hide a pricing option from the user view.

Customizable Email Notification Settings

Give your students the option to receive email notifications for important updates.

Resume Video Lessons

Your students can pick up exactly where they left off in video lessons and continue their learning journey.

View Student Enrollments

Find out exactly who's enrolled in your courses and see their details in one single place, with a click of a button.

Video Lesson Progress Lock (in Percentage)

Learn how you can force your students to watch a certain percentage of the video and improve the effectiveness of your courses.

Pay What You Want(Donation Pricing) in Membership plans

Allow students to manipulate the price of a membership and cater to the needs of your users with the Membership Donation Plan.

Copy Image/Video/File Link from Gallery

Learn how you can copy the image or any other file links from the EzyCourse gallery and view it externally.

Pay What You Want (Donation Pricing)

Learn about how you can use the "pay what you want" pricing model on EzyCourse

Premium & Locked Community Channels

Learn about two new exciting updates which will elevate your Communities: Premium and Locked Channels.

Personalize Your Student Dashboard: Create & Add Custom Menu!

The new EzyCourse enhancement lets you customize the students' dashboard menu. Read to learn more about it here.

Effortlessly Edit Your Transaction Emails: No More Coding Hassles!

Take the burden of coding hassles off your back! Use the Email Builder to create stunning transactional emails.

Retain Your Subscribers: Introducing the Ultimate Subscription Saver! 

Learn why users want to cancel a subscription, offer the best alternative option, and start retaining your subscribed users.

Introducing Auto Payout with Stripe Connect: Effortlessly Pay Your Affiliates!

Introducing Stripe Connect Auto Payout for Affiliates! Now, effortlessly pay your affiliate users and create more participation in your Affiliate Program.

Enhance Your Student Experience: Introducing a more Organized Membership Page!

Now, students can easily track and view all their membership-related items in one dedicated place. Read more here.

Introducing Site-Wide Membership: Turn Your Site into a Netflix like Membership Platform!

With a straightforward setup and automatic redirection, the site-wide membership feature provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

A comprehensive analytics: Unveiling Student History!

Click on it to open up a wealth of data that provides a comprehensive overview of your students' interactions on your platform.

Introducing the Most Comprehensive Analytics: Visitor Analytics!

Take control of what's happening on your site in real-time. Learn more in this article.

Introducing New Payment Gateway on EzyCourse: Flutterwave

Give your users a seamless and faster way to make transactions on your platform with Flutterwave.

Shortcut Restrictions: Enhance Security & Protect Your Content!

Keep your site secured and protected with EzyCourse's shortcut restrictions for all your users.

Go Live! Introducing Live Streaming & Restreaming on EzyCourse

Go Live! Introducing Live Streaming & Restreaming on EzyCourse

Introducing New Payment Gateway on EzyCourse: Xendit

Exciting news for our Indonesian, Philippines, and Southeast Asian friends.

Schedule Your Email Campaigns Like a Pro!

Learn about the exciting new EzyCourse feature which lets you schedule your email campaigns.

Pre Built Tab Blocks on the EzyCourse Builder!

You can now use pre-built tab blocks on the EzyCourse Builder and customize in your own way. Learn more in this article.

Introducing New Payment Method on EzyCourse: SEPA Debit

Now, make your transactions easy and convenient with the new payment method on EzyCourse: SEPA Debit.

EzyCourse Quick Find: Instantly Search Your Dashboard & Find Help Docs!

Easily navigate your dashboard, and instantly find features and help docs. Learn more about the Quick Find feature on EzyCourse.

How to Pause Subscriptions on EzyCourse

Learn how to pause subscription of a product and allow flexibility for your customers. Enhance user experience and retain customers.

Introducing Login Redirect: Capture User Attention Immediately upon Login!

Redirect users to any page you like and promote what's most important immediately when they login. Learn about the new Login Redirect feature on EzyCourse.

New Blog Feature: Seamlessly Import Blogs from CSV File!

Bulk upload blogs in seconds from a CSV file on the EzyCourse platform.

Track Everything: Introducing Statistics for Email Campaigns!

Learn about the new EzyCourse Email Statistics. Get insight into your email campaigns like never before.

Introducing Student Affiliate Program: Empower & Grow!

Pave the way for growth of your platform with EzyCourse Student Affiliate Program. Empower, earn, and reach beyond limits!

Introducing SCORM/HTML Lessons on EzyCourse!

Introducing SCORM/HTML lessons on EzyCourse! Get to ready to introduce your students to a whole new dimension of interactive and immersive learning.

Introducing one-click invoice generation for your orders, and invoice settings!

Introducing one-click invoice generation for your orders, and invoice settings - manage VAT, address and invoice terms language information in one place easily.

Introducing Login Sessions - Prevent Unauthorized Access!

Enhance security, privacy, and peace of mind with the new EzyCourse feature - the Login Sessions.

Introducing the Reliable White-label Email Delivery Service!

Check out how you can set up the white-label email delivery service for your platform.

Stay in the Loop: Introducing System Email Settings for Your Site!

Stay notified of the most important activities taking place on your platform. Decide what activities on your platform should trigger an auto mail sent to your system email address.

Introducing Automatic Modal Page!

Learn how to set an automatic modal on any custom page in your site.

Introducing Modal Creation from Builder Blocks!

We've released an awesome enhancement to help you create modal pages easily from builder blocks. Learn more from the announcement.

Introducing Multi-Lesson for Packaging Lessons Together!

EzyCourse's new feature Multiple Lesson lets you group lessons together. Know more from the announcement post.

Introducing Tagging Feature in Email Campaigns

Organize and analyze your email campaigns like never before with the super useful tagging system.

Introducing Restricted Accessibility for All Products!

Control product accessibility, optimize sales, and boost revenue effortlessly.

Introducing Quick Find in Dashboard for Instant Search!

Easily navigate your dashboard, locate features instantly, and streamline your work. Enhance productivity with Quick Find today!

Share Lessons without Hassles! Shareable Lesson Links Now Available on EzyCourse

Shareable lesson link is now available so that you can share lessons without hassles!

Introducing the ability to bulk load Digital Products from CSV at once!

Streamline the process of importing digital products in bulk, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Introducing Multiple Language Translation Feature! 🌍🗺️

Unlock global reach with Multiple Language Translation - Expand your audience today!

Introducing Split Payment Option for Courses & Membership Plans!

Unlock flexibility in your offerings with EzyCourse's new Split Payment Options! Now, sell your courses and memberships in convenient instalments, making your content accessible to everyone.

Membership Multi-Pricing & Checkout Preview Unveiled! ?

Now add multiple pricing options on your membership plans, set defaults, and preview your checkout page seamlessly. Enhance your membership plans today!

Introducing the ability to schedule community posts.

You now have the freedom to choose between posting immediately or scheduling. Pick your time zone, and here's the magic—scheduled posts will remember to notify users at the right moment! ?

Introducing the ability to cross post to channels within the same community and to different communities.

Whether you're a teacher or a student within the same community, you can now easily cross-post to different channels. Admins, you've got the keys to cross-posting across different communities too! ?️

Introducing Post Approval Settings for Communities!

With Post Approval Settings, you have the flexibility to strike the perfect balance between engagement and control within your community.

Introducing site-wide global font settings!

Introducing a game-changing feature in our Site Builder: Global Font Settings!

?Introducing Enhanced Channel Control: Manage Posting Access with Ease! ?

Restrict access to channels in communities by choosing who can post.

Introducing Pre-Sell: Sell Your Courses Before They're Live!

Boost course sales and build anticipation with Pre-Sell. Sell your courses before they're live! Discover how.

Introducing the Mini Community Dashboard: All Your Community Stats at a Glance!

Stay informed with the Mini Community Dashboard – monitor stats, posts, and engagement effortlessly!

Channel Sorting for EzyCourse Communities!

With Channel Sorting in communities – arrange channels your way!

Introducing a sneak peek to page version history in builder(Experimental)!

With our experimental feature, Page Version History, all your customizations becomes a snapshot stored for your convenience.

Unlocking another revenue stream: Audio libraries!

Introducing Audio Libraries: Elevate your earning potential! Now you can create, curate, and sell audio content to your audience.

Introducing secure one-click student dashboard access! ?

Now you have the power to securely do a one-click login to your students' dashboard so that you can inspect their issues if they complain something or don't find something.

Enhancing security: Introducing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for teachers and students!?️

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) at EzyCourse, and boost your account security now.

? Introducing EzyCourse's game-changing complete site-wide membership feature!

We are super stoked to unveil one of the most awaited super features - the complete site-wide membership on EzyCourse!

Introducing two-way Google calendar sync for appointments!?️

Now you can seamlessly sync your EzyCourse appointments with Google Calendar. Say goodbye to manual updates and never miss an important meeting again.

Unlock another revenue stream with EzyCourse Events!

Create unlimited events with EzyCourse. Set pricing, add multiple hosts, and choose between single or multi-day options for seamless event experiences.

Introducing Data Out Webhook Integration

Seamlessly connect EzyCourse with your preferred platforms, unlocking effortless data transfer and synchronization.

Introducing Sellable Blogs and Exclusive Blog Memberships!

Now monetize your blogs, set individual pricing or create exclusive one-time or subscription based membership content. Unlock the potential to earn from your creativity!

Push Notification Campaigns

Push Notification Campaigns- for all white labeled Apps ! Start your campaign today and watch as your inactive students come alive with excitement and participation.

Clone your email templates 

We are excited to inform you the roll out of a highly requested feature: the ability to clone your own templates. Easily duplicate an existing email template, and use it for different purposes.

Download videos from gallery

We are excited to introduce the Download Button for gallery videos! ??

Embed videos as iFrame anywhere ??

Now, you can embed videos as iFrames anywhere within your lessons and video libraries!

Buildable dynamic global modal

We’re excited to introduce you to our latest addition in the website builder: Buildable dynamic global modals.

Selectable layer panel in builder

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the EzyCourse site builder: the Selectable Layer Panel! ??

Print and PDF Download Option for Text Lessons! ?️?

We have a brand new feature to enhance your e-learning experience: the Option to Print or Download Text Lessons as PDF! ?

Introducing brand new Audio Widget in the Website Builder

We're thrilled to unveil a powerful new addition to the website builder: the Audio Widget! ??

Introducing Student Dashboard Settings

?Introducing the Student Sidebar Options - Show/Hide List Items feature! ?️? You now have complete control over what appears on your students' dashboard menu. 

Subject Cloning Now Available in the Question Bank!

We've just introduced an exciting new feature in the Question Bank. Say hello to the "Clone" button in Subjects! ?

Introducing RSS feed for blogs

Based on your valuable feedback and requests, we have implemented the ability to access an RSS feed URL for your site’s blog.

Introducing support for HTML lesson type

We're excited to announce the addition of HTML lesson type. You can now seamlessly incorporate custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code directly into your lessons.

Introducing another payment method - FastSpring

We're excited to share FastSpring Payment Integration, another giant leap towards making EzyCourse accessible to learners worldwide! ??

New Payment Method Additions to EzyCourse! ??

Based on the overwhelming client requests, we are thrilled to introduce additional payment methods to enhance your EzyCourse experience! ?✨

Introducing the advanced appointment module!?

Create and customize appointment events, offer various scheduling options, set pricing, and even send automated reminder emails.

Introducing Color Schemes

? We're thrilled to announce the release of our brand-new feature, Color Scheme! ?

Introducing global footer! A feature requested by the members ?

You have requested a feature and we did it finally and we are excited! A global footer that you can use or remove from all of your custom/default pages... Let's see how to add a global footer..

Introducing Student Import: Assign, Enroll, and Notify all at once with Ease!

Welcome to hassle-free student import in EzyCourse! Easily assign courses and communities and streamline enrollment. Simplify enrollment, save time, and enhance your overall onboarding process.

Introducing Image Editing tools in Image Gallery

Enhance website performance with dynamic image editing and resizing and reduce load times with EzyCourse. Transform your images, adjust contrast, brightness, blur, saturation, hue, and more.

Add custom js code globally in your website

Add javascript code globally in your website

Login protected pages and Google no-index pages

make your page login protected and enable no-index for your site so that your contents is not crawled by google or other robots.

Make your blog ever green by removing the publish date from the blogs

Make your blog posts ever green by removing the date from the posts.