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Introducing the Most Comprehensive Analytics: Visitor Analytics!

Thrilling news for all the EzyCourse users! Now, we are offering you a more robust and reliable approach to tracking visitor interactions and behaviors. Introducing EzyCourse's advanced Visitor Analytics! Access the new enhancement right away from the Analytics menu on your EzyCourse dashboard.

With the new feature, you will get data for visitors and track their page visits in the last 24 hours. Moreover, you’ll be able to see live and unique visitors on your site along with total page views.

And if you get the Real Time Analytics add-on then you can see users in real time. The add-on will show data and track each visitor in the last 60 minutes, and even in the last 1 minute. Besides, you can see who is online at the moment and which pages they are visiting. You can also see who were online in last 5 minutes.

You can also see all the page visiting history of your students. Students currently online and who were online recently will also be in the tracking list. Take full control over the site and see what is happening!

What else? Well, you can now personalize your site based on the device and platform most used by your audience. Because you can see the users of your platform by device and by browsers including Chrome, Edge, and more.

Furthermore, know exactly which region is driving the most traffic to your site and track the exact views count on each web page of your site.

The best part about this new enhancement is that we are using complete server side tracking for this. As a result, you are getting more accurate and precise data while ensuring greater privacy and security.

So, act quickly, take full advantage of all these analytics, and personalize your site like never before.

Get the add-on at only:

$299 LTD

$22 Monthly

$19/month Yearly

Find the add-on here: