Category: Feature Updates

Personalize Your Student Dashboard: Create & Add Custom Menu!

Time to introduce a new way to customize your students’ dashboard and control their actions! Now, you have the power to create a custom menu that links to any page you want, whether on your platform or an external one.

With the new feature, you can set up important and highly-converting pages as a menu on the sidebar of the student dashboard page. 

To set a custom menu on the student dashboard, go to Site Settings -> Student Dashboard. Here, you’ll see the newly added section called “Custom Menu”. Simply give the menu a name and insert the page link on the second field. 

Now, you can choose to show/hide your newly created custom menu, and also sort it just like the other menu options.

You can also use this feature to add a custom menu according to season or time of the year. For example, showing a menu that links to a page particularly made for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, during that particular time of the year.

So, level up your student dashboard and take more control of your students’ actions. Head over to the EzyCourse dashboard and try out the new enhancement today!