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Video Lesson Progress Lock (in Percentage)

You can now add a “watch time percentage” to your video lessons. In other words, you can set a specific percentage with regards to the watch time of the video lessons. Your students must fulfill the set percentage by watching the video lessons in order to complete the lesson and progress to the next lesson.

This encourages students to fully engage with your course material rather than passively skimming through it. They are more likely to pay attention if they know that they need to meet a specific viewing percentage. 

What’s more is that they cannot skip forward to complete the percentage. Or, even if they watch multiple times, it will not count. They actually have to truly watch and complete the set percentage.

Ultimately, this feature will help to improve your course’s reputation and student satisfaction. It can also help you to improve the quality of your course because you will know which video students are struggling with.

How it works

The video lesson progress lock feature is a great way to ensure your students are watching the course material. You can mark the lesson as a prerequisite also. This way, students will be forced to consume your content, watch the video up to a specific time, and complete the percentage set by you.

[Note: This feature does not work cross-device. So, if the user watches 25% of the video in one device but then opens the video in another device then it will show 0% in the new device.]

Only after reaching the percentage, they can move forward to the next lessons. When students watch and complete the given required percentage, the lesson will automatically be marked as complete.

As long as the percentage is not achieved, the “Complete & Continue” button will remain disabled.

[Note: This feature is available on the EzyCourse White-Label App. But, not on the free app.]

How to set up and get started using it

You can access this feature from the ‘lesson settings’ section when creating a new video lesson or editing an existing one. 

Tick the “Enable video completion requirement for this lesson” checkbox and set the percentage as you wish.

[Note: Watch time calculation in percentage is of course a very delicate process. Therefore, it might fluctuate every now and then. But, only in the slightest of margins.]

Once you set the percentage and save the lesson, your students will be able to see how much they have watched and how much they need to watch in order to complete the lesson and progress. Students also have the luxury of resetting the watch time.

So, ensure your students are watching and absorbing the material, and increase the effectiveness of your course with the progress lock feature.