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Randomize Quiz Questions

What problem it solves or why you need it

EzyCourse quizzes are one of the easiest and effective ways to test your students. Besides, it is very simple and easy for you to create quiz lessons. And now, we’ve added a new way to test your students’ knowledge to more depth.

You can add quiz questions such that students will get questions randomly and questions will shuffle on every retake. This way, there’s no worry about the same questions being repeated too much as students retake the quiz, testing their knowledge even more holistically.

How it works

The questions are randomly selected from each of the subjects you add. For example, you selected a subject which has a total of 10 questions. The number of questions you chose to randomly give from that subject is 3.

Under this circumstance, the quiz lesson will select 3 questions randomly from the total 10 questions, when the student is giving the quiz exam. This means, different students could have different quiz questions.

On the retake, it will again choose 3 questions randomly from the total 10 questions. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all 3 questions on the retake will be different from the first time. Some questions could be the same.

It is noteworthy though that the more the total number of quiz questions a subject has, the more the chance of getting completely different questions on each retake.

How to get started using it

To use this feature, go to the curriculum of any of your courses and then create a quiz lesson. Once you create the lesson, you’ll see the “On-Demand Randomized” option. Select it. 

On the pop-up, choose the subject and the number of questions you want to randomly use from that subject. You can choose questions from multiple subjects.

Once you set the questions, make sure you click the Update button to save the changes.

Once updated, you’d be able to see the subjects and the number of questions you added. You can also edit from here.