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Pay What You Want (Donation Pricing)

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What problem it solves or why you need it

Imagine you want to offer a course, but you don't want to set a price. You aim to provide it for free to those who can't afford it but also want to keep a payment option available. You want people to contribute willingly and happily to the course. 

With EzyCourse's "Pay What You Want" pricing model, you can achieve exactly that. Users can freely input the amount they wish to pay or access the course completely for free.

How it works

The donation pricing feature is an excellent way to attract your users into buying your courses. It gives your students the freedom to buy their favorite courses with the price that is affordable for them.

But, EzyCourse ensures that you don’t sell at a loss in the process of making your customers happy. You have greater control because you can set the minimum pricing for the course, and then your customers will have the power to set any price equal/greater than the minimum price.

How to set up and get started using it

As an admin, you can set up the donation pricing from your dashboard. Simply go to the pricing option inside of any course and then select the Donation Plan.

You have the option to set a default amount, minimum amount, and course expiry. The minimum amount can help to cover the cost and ensure you don’t sell at a loss, while the default amount could be used to show students how much you value your product.

Students can access the course with a donation plan just like they access any other course i.e. from the All products page of your site. On the checkout page, they’ll see the price field which will be editable and they can set the price as they want, and make the purchase.

[Note: Students cannot set a price that is less than the minimum amount (if you’ve set it).]