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Retain Your Subscribers: Introducing the Ultimate Subscription Saver! 

Exciting news! We are thrilled to give you the opportunity to retain more of your subscribers and gain deep insights into why your user wants to cancel a subscription. Say hello to the new Subscription Saver! 

With the new add-on, you can dynamically add questions and options to show a user that wants to cancel a subscription of any product on your platform. In addition, you will have the luxury of offering discounts or other products based on the response of the user. 

As a result, you are not only getting details of why a user wishes to cancel but also can provide better alternative options/products that are more suited for that particular user. This way, you can easily increase the retention rate of your subscribers. 

Grab the add-on today at only - 

$12 Monthly 

$9 Yearly 

$249 LTD

Find the add-on here: