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Free Trial

What problem it solves or why you need it

How about giving your users a “try before you buy” option? They can assess the content of your product for some specific days without any financial commitment. And determine whether the material aligns with their needs and requirements.

This allows potential students to experience the quality of your product, reducing their hesitation and ultimately encouraging them to enroll in the full package. And in turn, it also reduces the request for refunds.

Allowing your users to get a glimpse of the product for free will help in letting them see the value you are offering, and ultimately convert more visitors into paying customers. 

How it works

Free trials are one of the easiest ways to gain new customers and build brand trust. Now, you can offer free trials to your Courses, Communities, Group chats, Video/Audio libraries, and Memberships. 

For this feature, you will control the number of days the free trial will be applicable. The students get free access to the product for the number of days you set. Within the free trial period, they can cancel the subscription.

If they do not cancel then the system will automatically collect the payment and enroll them into the product, as soon as the trial ends. Also, if payment is unsuccessful for any reason then their enrollment will automatically expire when the trial period ends.

The feature works with your products having the subscription pricing plan.

How to set up and get started using it

You can set the free trial option to your Courses or the other products from the pricing page.

On the Course pricing page, select the Subscription Plan (Standard). And you’ll see the Trial Subscription option. Simply enable it and then you can set the days for free trial access.

Similarly for Memberships and other products, go to the pricing page of the product, select the Subscription Plan (Standard), and you’ll see the option whether to set the free trial.

On the student-end, students will see how many days they are getting the free trial for on the product checkout page.

During the free trial period, students can cancel the subscription from the Subscription menu on their dashboard. 

If not canceled and the free trial ends then the payment will automatically be collected and added to your revenue. But, if card payment fails for any reason then the access will be expired for the student when the trial period comes to an end.

So, give your students the opportunity to experience the quality of your content for free and start gaining more reputation, and ultimately gain more paying customers!