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Automate Tax, VAT, & GST Collection with Stripe

What problem it solves or why you need it

With features like multi-language translation and AI caption generator supporting 170+ languages, EzyCourse allows your platform to truly reach a global audience. But, as you expand and sell in multiple places with varying tax laws and rates, you might face difficulties in calculating tax, VAT, etc.

We’ve found the perfect solution for you to ease the headache of tax/VAT calculations. Now, you can automate all the calculations related to tax, VAT, or GST using Stripe Tax.

Stripe Tax ensures that the correct tax is applied based on the exact location and automatically does all the calculations. This reduces the risk of any errors and saves your precious time.

How it works

All you have to do is configure the Stripe Tax from your stripe dashboard. You can easily set things up and choose different tax related settings such as product tax codes.

Once the Stripe Tax is set up, you can choose to enable the option to collect tax automatically from your EzyCourse dashboard. In addition, you can also choose the ideal product tax codes for any courses and memberships on your platform.

How to get started using it

To set up Stripe Tax, log in to your stripe dashboard first. From there, search and go to Tax from the search suggestions.

Once you go to the Tax menu, you should see a button Get Started if you didn’t try to set up tax before. Click it.

Click “Confirm origin address” to set up the first step where you have to provide the country, address, state, zip code, etc. of your business. Save the information to move to the next step.

Click “Add a tax registration” to set up the second step.

In this step, you’d have to select the country and the state where you’ve registered with the local tax authorities. Click Next to continue.

Then select whether you want to start collecting tax immediately or schedule a date. Here, you’ll also see the local tax amount in the selected region. Click Start collecting to finish the process.

The next step will automatically be completed after your first tax calculation. You can set any tax related settings from the Tax Settings page on your stripe dashboard.

Now, log in to your EzyCourse dashboard and navigate to Site Settings -> Global Settings.

Scroll down to find the tax settings.

From here, you can turn on the toggle button to enable the automatic tax collection with Stripe Tax and set the tax behavior as either inclusive or exclusive. Select inclusive if you want to include the tax in the pricing of your product. And select exclusive if you do not want to include the tax in the product pricing i.e. tax will be separately added to the product price.

You can also select the product tax codes to associate your courses and memberships with their applicable tax rates. 

[Note: For now, you can use Stripe Tax only with courses and memberships. More products will soon be included. If any of your products do not fit specific codes then simply use one of the codes with “General” in its name.]

Don’t forget to click the Update button to save the changes. When you set up tax, students will be able to see the amount on the product checkout page.

With Stripe Tax configured, your tax/VAT collection will be streamlined on the EzyCourse platform. See their official documentation for more about Stripe Tax.