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Premium & Locked Community Channels

Premium Channels

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What is Premium Channels and Why You Need It 

Imagine you have a free community with some free channels in it. Now you think, you can monetize your students within this free community but right now, there is no way to monetize from the same free community. 

This problem is now solved with premium channels. You can create a paid channel (one time or subscription) and this channel can only be accessed by the paid users and thus you monetize and solve the problem with this feature. 

How it works

Premium channels work exactly like the normal Community channels except your students have to purchase them to see the posts. That’s one more extra revenue door opened for you!

You can easily create a Premium channel from your Communities and then your students will be able to see it on the list of channels. Once they buy, they will see the posts and can even post themselves depending on the settings.

How to set up and get started using it

To create a Premium channel as an admin, you have to first go to a Community from your dashboard. Then you can either create a new premium channel or edit an existing channel to turn it into a premium one. When creating/editing, you can easily set the price for the channel as a One-Time or Subscription.

You can also add a custom text which could be info about the channel or any instructions for the students.

Any student who is enrolled in the Community can see the Premium channel. But, they will have to buy the channel first to view all the posts inside the Premium channel. Before purchasing, they’ll see the custom text you’ve set from the admin-end.

Students can click the Buy now button, which will take them to the checkout page, where they can complete the purchase and then come back to view posts inside the premium channel.

So, are you excited to open another revenue door to your business? Enjoy!

Locked Channels

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What is a locked channel 

In your community, you may have lots of free or premium channels. This means everyone can easily join those channels. Now imagine, you need to form a new channel with some students you know or some admins of the community, in that case, you need a locked channel. No one can join this channel until you add them and approve them. 

How it works

Students are not able to see the posts in a Locked channel. But, they do not have to buy the channel either. Rather, you have the option to manually enroll students in a Locked channel.

Only the enrolled students will be able to view and interact with the posts.

How to set up and get started using it

You can easily create a locked channel from any Community. And like premium channels, you can add custom text here also to give instructions to the students.

With Locked channels, students cannot see any post inside the channel up until you give them the access. To give access to a student, go to Users -> Students -> click the three dots on a student and select the Enrollments option.

Now, click the three dots and select Community Channels from the dropdown.

Click the Add Enrollment button.

On the popup, select the locked channel which you want to give access to and click the Create button.

[Note: The student must already have an enrollment to a community which contains a locked channel. Otherwise, you will not find the channel here.]

With access granted, students can view all the posts in the locked channel from their Communities.

[Please note that Premium and Locked channels will not be available on the Mobile apps until the next update, so kindly wait for it. Thank you! 🙂 ]