Features improvement

Enable/disable Keyboard Shortcuts

Choose whether to enable or disable the usage of certain keyboard shortcuts on your website.

Real-Time Comments & Reply in EzyCourse Community 

Now, it won’t even need a second to update your comments. That means, once someone writes something on any posted comment in the community, it updates within a nano-second!

Advanced Interactive Course Viewing Addon: Video Transcripts & Notes

The Advanced Interactive Course Viewing Experience Add-on will help your students to enable transcript and take notes on a specific timeframe on any video lesson.

Exclude Products from Site-Wide Membership

Learn how to exclude products from site-wide membership and allow users to purchase them as standalone products.

Combine Multiple Email Campaign Filters

You can combine multiple filters to target the audience more thoroughly in your email campaigns.

Assignment Lesson: Multiple File Submission & Previews

You can accept multiple files submission for your assignment lessons and allow students to preview the files they submitted.

Private Accessibility: More Products Included

Private accessibility is now available on more products including Digital products, Appointments, and Events.

Translate Toast Messages 

We've extended the language translation feature as now you can translate the toast message texts on the student dashboard.

Create New Folder & Upload Videos from Gallery

New Feature in Gallery. Now, you can upload a video by selecting from an existing folder or creating a new folder. 

New Update: Charge up to 3 Years for any Subscription Product

Now you can charge up to 3 years for any subscription product on your platform.

New Update: Effortlessly Resize Images on Rich Text Editor

You can now resize your images on any rich text editor using simple dragging feature.

Introducing the New Library Feature: Move Videos/Audios!

Easily move your audio/video from one library to another with a click of a button.

Manage Student Submissions: Assignment Deletion Now Available

To delete an assignment submitted by a student, go to Student submissions -> Assignment. Here, you’ll see the option to delete the submissions.

New Update: Add Audio/Video to Multiple Categories!

Add audio/video to multiple categories on your platform and increase the visibility of your audios and videos.

Stay in the Loop: Get Notified for Subscription Cancellation

Now, you will receive notifications on your dashboard and get a mail to your email address for any subscription cancellation by a student.

Multiple Date Selection & Timezone Friendly Booking for Appointments!

Now, your users can select multiple dates and book appointments on multiple slots simultaneously. In addition, learn about the update concerning the time zone of appointments.

New Update: Fixed Amount Coupons Now Available on EzyCourse!

Now you can offer a fixed amount of discount to your customers using the new Fixed Coupon option.

Improved Student Dashboard Settings: Effortless Sorting!

Try out the new enhancement added on your EzyCourse dashboard and sort the student dashboard according to your preference.

New Enhancements for Your Affiliate Program

Check our EzyCourse's new updates which are bound to upgrade your site's Affiliate Program to new heights.

How To Use The Tab Widget in EzyCourse Website Builder: Easy Ways!

We are delighted to introduce the Tab widget on the EzyCourse Builder. Learn more on how you can incorporate dynamic contents on your site with the Tab widget.

Introducing Rich Text Editor to Make Motivational Popups Wholesome!

Now, you can use the rich text editor to enrich the content of a motivational popup.

Introducing File Sharing on Community Posts’ Comments!

Now you can upload files in comments of a community post. Learn about the new enhancement here.

Popup Modal: Now Available on Div & Icon Button Widgets!

Learn how to use Div and Icon button widgets to show a modal popup.

Introducing Coupon Code Power-Up: Repeating Durations Now Available!

Provide users with ongoing value with the new "Repeating Duration" option in Coupons.

Now Target Users Who Purchase Memberships in Your Email Campaigns!

Unlock Precision: Target Users Who Purchase Memberships in Your Email Campaigns!

Enhanced Quiz Grading: Award Points for Free Text Questions!

Efficiently grade free-text responses from quiz submissions. Streamline evaluation and save time.

Send personalised feedback to students on assignment submissions.

Now easily leave feedback on assignments.

Introducing Audio, Video & iFrame Embedding for Blog Posts!

Elevate your blog posts with audios and videos from your gallery and even iFrame video embeds!

Elevate Your Membership Plans with Premium Pages!

Upgrade your membership plans with premium pages in few easy steps right from the EzyCourse dashboard

Introducing Translation Support For Header Menu Texts

Seamlessly guide visitors in their preferred language and unlock multilingual magic for your website's header menu.

Set Precise Prices with Decimal Points!🚀

Set precise prices for your products with EzyCourse's latest update! Enjoy the flexibility of charm pricing to influence consumer perceptions and increase sales.

Addition of membership plans option in coupons.

Now create coupons exclusively for Membership Plans. 🎉💳

Trigger Automated Email Sequences on ALL PRODUCT Purchases! ??

Explore the latest feature update – trigger automated email sequences on all product purchases now!

Introducing Table of Contents in Blogs!?

Effortlessly generate a table of contents as you write and enhance the readability of your blogs.

Introducing the Comment Deletion feature for admins! ?✂️

Admins, get ready to take control like never before in your EzyCourse communities! ?

Introducing the ability to add multiple images in community posts with a stunning slider view. ??️

Now you can add multiple images in a post in Communities with a stunning Slider View. ?️

?Introducing Shareable Post Links in Communities & SEO-Friendly Community URLs! ?

Now you can copy and share individual post links across the web, and we've made the community and post URL's SEO-friendly.

? Admins will now receive notifications from students and other community members! ?

Now admins will be following the channels in communities by default so they'll receive push notifications and email notifications for all updates.

Introducing customized after checkout pages for site-wide memberships!

Customize your membership experience with After Checkout Pages!

Addition of Blog Membership One-Time Pricing and Audio Libraries as membership items.

Enhance your membership plans with Blog One-Time Pricing & Audio Libraries.

Introducing @everyone tagging in communities!

Discover the power of @everyone tagging - easily notify all your community members with a single message. Stay connected and informed effortlessly!

Introducing the addition of terms and conditions checkbox on checkout page as well.

Now, you can seamlessly add a checkbox on the checkout page as well, ensuring users must agree to your Terms & Conditions before proceeding

Introducing the addition of terms and conditions checkbox on the sign up form.

Now, you can seamlessly add a checkbox on the signup page form, ensuring users must agree to your Terms & Conditions before proceeding

Introducing the ability to set after checkout pages for audio/video libraries

After-checkout pages for Audio/Video Libraries: Seamlessly guide your users post checkout.

Added controls in the builder to allow selection of video/audio libraries to be shown in the widget

Choose your Video/Audio Libraries for display with new controls on these widgets.

Custom sorting options now added on courses list in All Products List widget as well

Now you have full control over your course listing ordering.

List widget improvements

Now re-arrange and customize your list items easily.

Rich Text Widget Improvements

RichText widget gets a power boost

Introducing new course and community status called "Restricted Access"

We have added one more status called “Restricted Access“ for your course and communities for now.

Introducing the most awaited, course list sorting options!

We're excited to unveil a highly requested feature that's here to transform your course organization – Course Order Customization in the Courses List widget! ?

Introducing the ability to set course expiry dates for one-time standard pricing! ?

Course expiry dates are now here!

Unveiling some enhanced options for our sliders controls.

Enjoy more control with new options: Set slider display and scroll numbers, sliding speed, and toggle dot indicator visibility with ease.

Introducing the addition of clickable, secure links in communities, chats and lesson discussions!

Bringing to you, clickable secure links in EzyCourse communities, chats, and lessons discussions.

Introducing the addition of community details page!

Enrich you community experience with our all new default community details page.

Search and Sort Videos of your video Libraries

Discover new search and sort features in EzyCourse's video libraries. Easily search for specific videos and rearrange their order with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Now you can search for translation text and filter the translations that you already did

Now you can search for translation text and filter the translations that you already did. It will save your time!