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Pay What You Want(Donation Pricing) in Membership plans

Imagine creating a Membership plan and selling it, but you’re not sure about fixing a price tag. You want it to be accessible to everyone, including those who cannot afford it. Think about giving your customers the option to pay as they want to get access to the Membership.

Well, EzyCourse offers a solution with the “Donation Plan” pricing model. Along with Courses, it is now available to use on your Memberships. It means people can decide how much they wish to pay for the Membership, or they can even access it for free, depending on how you set up the donation pricing plan.

How it works

The donation pricing feature is a great way to encourage users to purchase your products. It allows your students to choose a price that fits their budget for their preferred Memberships.

But, you can still maintain control by setting a minimum price so that you don’t sell at a loss. Your customers can then choose to pay that minimum price or any amount above it. This way, you ensure fairness and flexibility in pricing white protecting your business interests.

How to set up and get started using it

As an admin, you can set up the donation pricing from your dashboard. Simply go to the pricing option inside of any Membership and then select the Donation Plan.

You have the option to set a default amount, minimum amount, and a text. The minimum amount can help to cover the cost and ensure you don’t sell at a loss, while the default amount could be used to suggest a specific price point, allowing you to communicate the worth of your content to potential students.

On the checkout page, students see the price field which will be editable and they can set the price as they want, and make the purchase. But, they cannot set a price that is less than the minimum amount (if you’ve set it).