Category: Feature Updates

View Student Enrollments

We love listening to our users and meeting their expectations. And this new feature which we’ve completed is an indication of it. Our users asked to be able to view enrolled students for each course and we’ve finished doing it for them. Here is the feature request link:

What problem it solves & why you need it

You can individually see all the courses a student is enrolled in. But, you didn’t have the luxury of seeing all the enrolled students from simply clicking on a course. 

Now, we can happily let you know that you can view enrolled students in one place and with a click of a button. You won’t have to search for individual students to see their enrollment status anymore.

It will allow you to easily identify enrolled students to any of your courses. You can find out who’s in your courses and also see details of the students.

How it works

There’s no need to go to the individual student and find out if they are enrolled in a particular course. You can now go to the course and click on a button to see who is enrolled in that particular course. 

Apart from seeing how many people are enrolled, you can now view all the details of each enrolled student including their student ID and email address.

How to get started using it

To see all the enrolled students to any specific course, head over to your EzyCourse dashboard and go to Courses -> All courses.

Here, you will see the newly added column View Enrolled Students.

Simply click the View Enrolled Students button on a specific course to see all the enrolled students in that course. 

You can see details of each enrolled student including their email, student ID, and their course progress. Moreover, you can find any student instantly by searching with their ID or email address.