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Student Dashboard Update: Add Payment Cards

What problem it solves or why you need it

EzyCourse lets you customize and organize the student dashboard, from where students can access different features such as viewing purchase history, accessing products, certificates, etc. You can create your own custom menu to show on the student dashboard.

Now, we are adding one more important menu to allow your students some customization of their own. From this menu, students can update or change their payment card information and save it so that they can easily use it whenever purchasing any product. This will help to streamline the checkout and payment process for the students, on your platform.

How it works

You do not have to do anything to get started with it. You’ll find the menu already added on the student dashboard.

Like any other student dashboard menu, you can still choose to hide or show the menu to the students. In addition, you can sort it to position wherever suitable for you.

[Note: If for some reason, you delete the menu then please contact the support team to assist you in adding it back.]

How to get started using it

As an admin, you should see the “Billing” menu already added on the Site Settings -> Student Dashboard menu. So, you do not need to add the menu using our custom menu feature. You can choose to either show or hide the menu from the student dashboard.

On the student-end, they can go to the newly added “Billing” menu and easily change their payment card info. If they’ve already added a card and saved it then they’ll see that.

To change or update, they can select the Add a new card option and then give the card info on the empty field.

Note that students cannot add more than one card info. With this option, they can update or change their existing card info.