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DRM (Digital Rights Management): Protect Your Content from Digital Theft!

What problem it solves or why you need it

With EzyCourse, you can ensure your video content is protected with features like logo and text watermarks. Also, you can provide an advanced video player experience to your students.

Now, you can enjoy the power of the DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution. With our DRM solution, your content is safer and more secure than ever before. You can prevent users from taking screenshots, recording your content, and downloading videos.

This safeguards your content from unauthorized access and malice activity such as distributing your content.

How it works

As an admin, you can use DRM for any of your videos uploaded onto your EzyCourse dashboard gallery.

After using DRM for a video, you can then go on to update the course lesson where you’ve used the DRM protected video. Then DRM solution will be applied to the student-end, preventing them from taking screenshots, screen records, or download.

It is noteworthy that although DRM will completely protect your content on the EzyCourse mobile app, it might still be somewhat vulnerable on the web. We hope you understand that implementing DRM on the web is very tough, but we hope to improve the protection in the near future.

By the way, you can also use our video watermark feature with the DRM to protect your content to a large degree.

How to get started using it 

After you get the add-on, you can enable or disable the DRM from the Addons menu on your dashboard.

After enabling DRM, go to the Gallery and then choose the video section on the gallery. From here, you can use DRM for any video. Simply click the Add DRM button on the video you want to use the DRM for.  

If you do not get the add-on, you will be prompted to get it. At the moment, you can get the DRM at the best price possible. DRM is a very expensive tool and so you should try to get it now before we increase the price.

Depending on the video, it might take some time to process.

You will see green text “DRM Protected” when the DRM is processed and ready to be used for this video.

After DRM is processed for a video, you have to go to the course lesson where you’ve used this video. And simply update the lesson.

And that’s it! DRM will protect your video content from digital theft. Students will not be able to take screenshots and stuff. DRM protected videos will appear in the orange color player.