Category: Feature Updates

Resume Video Lessons

Your students could lose video progress due to accidental navigation or technical issues. Then they would have to try to remember where they last left off watching the video. That could only lead to unwanted frustration.

How about allowing them to pick up exactly where they left off? And continuing their learning?

Our “resume video lessons” does exactly that for you. It allows students to pick up their learning journey where they left off in terms of the video lessons in your course. Apart from seamless learning experience, this will also help students to learn at their own pace without having to remember where they last left off. 

When watching long hour videos, for example, they can take breaks rest assured that they will pick up exactly at the right place.

How it works

If students leave after watching a portion of a video lesson, they can now come back and it will automatically start at the timestamp where they last left watching the video.

[Note: This feature will not work cross-device at the moment as we are launching the beta version. So, if the user watches 25% of the video in one device but then opens the video in another device then it will start from the beginning in the new device.]