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Introducing Auto Payout with Stripe Connect: Effortlessly Pay Your Affiliates!

We are delighted to give you the opportunity to enhance the Affiliate Program in your platform with our new enhancement “Auto Payout with Stripe Connect”. Now, you can automate the process of calculating and distributing affiliate commissions, saving you time and effort.

With automatic payouts, you can ensure that affiliates receive their commissions promptly, improving overall satisfaction and encouraging continued participation in your Affiliate Program.

Moreover, with Stripe Connect integration, the add-on streamlines the entire payout process while ensuring maximum security and safety. As a result, both you and your affiliates can have peace of mind while making the transactions.

[Note: You must connect your Stripe account on EzyCourse to use the add-on.]

To use the new feature, an affiliate user on your platform will have to connect to Stripe Connect first from their dashboard. Once they connect, you can pay them using Stripe from your dashboard.

With Stripe connected, you can now pay out the affiliate user after you approve/accept a transaction from Affiliate users -> Users -> and opening the details of an user on your dashboard.

So, are you ready to upgrade the affiliate experience on your platform? Then get the add-on fast and pre-order now to grab the best deal:

$259 LTD

$22 Monthly

$19/month Yearly

You can get it now from here:

[Note: If you do not get the add-on, you will still be able to pay your affiliate users using Paypal. For this, affiliate users on your platform will have to connect their Paypal account by giving their Paypal email on their dashboard.]