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Improved Video Player Security: Video Watermarks

What problem it solves or why you need it

With EzyCourse, you have the luxury of refining how your videos are experienced by your users. From adding captions in different languages to showing chapters and moments.

And now, we are happy to give you the opportunity to add some important extra layer of security to your videos. You can now safely protect your content and ensure no one steals the hard work you’ve done.

You can now easily use watermarks on your videos. Watermarks help prevent content from being stolen or used misappropriately. It acts as a security measure for you and makes it super evident exactly who the owner of the video is.

How it works 

As an admin, you can add watermarks on any of your videos from your EzyCourse dashboard. You have the full customization power and can add either text or logo watermark, or use both on the same video. In addition, positioning the watermarks, setting the size, choosing whether to move or fix the watermark, etc. are all possible. 

[Note: Your set watermarks appear on all the video lessons of all your courses.]

How to get started using it 

To customize watermarks on a video, log in to your EzyCourse dashboard and go to Site Settings -> Global Settings.

Scroll down to find the Player Settings option where you can customize the player color and enable the watermark for your videos.

With the watermark toggle button enabled from the Player Settings, you can then enable the logo watermark.

You can change the logo watermark image and set the opacity of the image.

You can control the size of the logo watermark by adjusting the height and the width. In addition, you can also make the logo movable in your videos.

For fixed logo style, you can choose to position the logo watermark anywhere in your video.

Always click the Update button whenever you make any customization or changes.

You can also use text watermarks. Scroll down to find the option and enable it first.

For text watermarks, you can show different info of the student who is watching the video such as ID, email, and name. 

Similar to logo watermark, you can also set the text size, change the color, opacity, and choose whether to make the watermark fixed in one place or move around in the video player. 

Here’s how it looks on the video player:

So, safeguard your content from unauthorized access and enjoy the customization.