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Custom Checkout Text Fields

What problem it solves or why you need it

With EzyCourse, you could have the most useful product checkout page where your users find it easy to purchase products. In addition, you could use the checkout page to take user information such as their address and payment card info.

Now, you can enjoy a whole different level of customization with regards to the product checkout page. You can create your own custom fields to show on the checkout page and your users can fill them up when purchasing a product. This will help you to take any information that is relevant to your platform or product as the user is purchasing.

How it works

As an admin, you can create custom text fields from your EzyCourse dashboard. You can choose to set certain fields as required i.e. users have to fill those fields in order to complete the purchase. In addition, it is also possible to add validation to your text fields. Another thing you can do is choose to show certain fields on the order invoice.

Your users will see the custom fields on the checkout page of all the different products on your platform. Once they make the purchase, they can see their responses on the order invoice. In addition, you can also view the responses on your EzyCourse dashboard. 

How to get started using it

To create custom checkout fields, log in to your EzyCourse dashboard and go to Site Settings -> Checkout. Here, you’ll see the option to add custom fields.

To add a field, simply give the field name and the placeholder value. If you opt to not give the placeholder value then the field name will be shown as the placeholder. If you give the placeholder value then that will show on the student-end instead of the field name.

You can also tick mark the “Show on invoice” option to make this particular field appear on the order invoice.

Tick mark the “Show validation” option to see more options. You can set the field as required and add validation via setting the minimum and maximum characters. Click the Add Field button to add the field. You can add as many custom fields as you wish.

After adding all the fields, make sure you click the Update button to save the changes. 

With the custom fields set, your students will now see them on any product checkout page.

After purchasing, students can go to the Order History menu from their dashboard and see the custom fields appear on the invoice.

You can see the custom fields and how the students filled them from your EzyCourse dashboard. Simply go to Deals & Sales -> Orders -> click the three dots and select the View order option.