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Introducing the Reliable White-label Email Delivery Service!

Great news for everybody! You can now start using a more reliable email delivery service. This means less spams and bounce issues, better deliverability, and greater reliability for your email campaigns.

Using the service requires you to set up some options from the EzyCourse dashboard. To do that, go to Marketing & Contacts -> Email white label setting. Here, you’ll see the white-label email service settings.

To begin, give the details of your domain, sender name, email, and reply email. Click the Save button and the values in the records table above will get automatically filled.

Now, login to your domain registrar’s website and create the DNS records exactly as given on your EzyCourse dashboard (TXT, CNAME, TXT).

[Note: In some DNS providers adding the root domain in host might not work, so you will need to trim the last the domain name part and add.]

[Note: It is noteworthy that the _dmarc field is optional but highly recommended because it quarantines messages that fail authentication checks, marking them as suspicious, while aggregate reports will be sent to your site’s reply email.]

Once you create the records, you’ll see a Verification button on top of the records table. Click on it to verify all the credentials you’ve added(Sometimes it might take some time for the DNS changes to reflect, so allow 5-10minutes). If everything checks out right then the status will show green Verified text.

[Note: DNS changes might take some time to propagate across the internet. It could take a few hours to up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect.]

If you encounter any issues regarding the email service then do reach out to our support team who are always ready to advise you proper solutions.