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Pre Built Tab Blocks on the EzyCourse Builder!

We have some excellent news for you builders. Now, you can use a pre-built tab block to build a section in your page. You can either use the block as it is or customize it in your own way. 

To begin, go to the builder of a page and click the Add New Section button.

Then choose and insert a tab block from our pre-built block library.

Now, you can keep the given styles or customize any way you like. You can change the styles, alignments, spacing, etc. of the tabs as well as the content inside each tab.

  • If you want your tabs to take the whole width then simply remove the fit-content value from the Width property and set the Left Margin to auto. You’ll find these options on the Tab LIST on the sidebar.

  • To center the tab widget, set the Width: fit-content,and then set the Right and Left Margin to auto.

  • You can also change the tab border settings from the Tab LIST menu on the sidebar. 

  • You can use the Tab Nav menu on the sidebar to do more stylings on the tab widgets. There are three separate states: Normal, Hover, and Active. To change the color on hover/active, select the Hover/Active menu and then change the background color.

You can also set different styling on Normal state. That includes font-size, border stylings, margins, paddings, etc. 

  • To set the spacing for the tab contents, select the Tab Content menu and you’ll find the margins and paddings option.

  • You can add a new column into the tab content area. To do that, click the plus icon.

You also have the luxury to select any tab content and customize everything in your own way.

Follow these links and get a glimpse of what you can do with the tab blocks. By the way, you can too use these design on the EzyCourse Builder.