Category: Feature Updates

Introducing Site-Wide Membership: Turn Your Site into a Netflix like Membership Platform!

Ready for the ultimate Membership experience? Our latest feature, Site-Wide Membership, is here to transform your journey into an exclusive hub. Now, incentivize visitors to become paying members and gain additional monetization opportunities.

Fire up the new enhancement by logging in to the EzyCourse dashboard and navigating to the Global settings section. Here, you'll find the all-new 'Site-Wide Membership' feature waiting for you.

With just a click, you can toggle the Enable button to activate the site-wide membership option.

You will find the option to choose your desired page where customers will be redirected to when attempting to make a purchase. This way, you can attract interested visitors and sell premium contents on your platform.

[Note: Keep in mind that premium pages and password-protected pages won't work with this feature.]

Once your site-wide membership is enabled, anyone attempting to purchase a product will be automatically redirected to the custom page you selected. 

That’s it! Now, get ready to encourage more customers to subscribe to your site-wide membership, leading to a potential increase in recurring revenue.

[Note: You can disable the site-wide membership anytime by turning off the toggle button from your dashboard.]

With a straightforward setup and automatic redirection, the site-wide membership feature provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for both you and your customers. Not to mention the potential revenue generation opportunities!