Category: Feature Updates

Translate Toast Messages 

While you did have the luxury of translating your whole site content, you couldn’t change the toast messages that popup when a user clicks on a button. More specifically, the buttons on the student dashboard.

Now, you have the opportunity to extend the native language experience for your students. Because you can now translate the toast messages too.

How it works 

It simply works like before where you could add translation for any text that appears on your site. Now, we’ve extended the options for you so that you could also set the translations for the toast messages.

So, whenever students click on the buttons in their dashboard, you can control the texts that appear on the toast messages.

How to get started using it

On the admin-end, go to the Language menu from the left sidebar. And then click on Edit Translation on the language you wish to add the translation to.

Now, search for the toast message text and add the translation. 

Don’t forget to click the Update button to save the changes.

With the settings updated, your students will see the translation on the student dashboard whenever they click the relevant button. In this case, the Save Change button on the Profile menu.