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Advanced Interactive Course Viewing Addon: Video Transcripts & Notes

What is the Advanced Interactive Course Viewing Experience Add-on?

EzyCourse is coming with an add-on named Advanced Interactive Course Viewing Experience. As the name suggests, this add-on will help your students to Enable transcripts & notes while viewing your course video.

What problem it solves or why do you need it?

EzyCourse offers an excellent course viewing experience for your students from a smooth buffering-free video player to letting you add AI-generated captions. Now, we are taking it a step further.


You can add any .srt file as a caption and the system will automatically generate an interactive video transcript for you. With it, your students will have a better experience watching the video lessons.

They can easily jump to any section of the video simply by clicking. In addition, they can go back and quickly find important topics mentioned in the video with a smart search. Ultimately, it allows easy note-taking for your students and removes the burden of going over the whole video to find important details.


By enabling the notes, you can allow your students to take notes on any particular moments of your videos. However, this feature is only available in the videos you upload from Gallery, and the embedded videos from YouTube won’t be applicable for this feature.

How it works

Our ‘Advanced Interactive Course View’ comes as an add-on. After you get the add-on, all you have to do is enable a simple toggle button, and the magic happens automatically.

If you’ve added a .srt file for a video as a caption, then the transcript for that video is generated instantly without you having to do anything at all.

The students will see a transcript tab when viewing the video lessons. From there, they can click on a transcript to quickly jump to any timeline of the video. Students will also have the option to search the transcript and find important content quickly.

You as an admin or any teacher on your platform will still be able to see the transcript even if you do not get the add-on. But, if you want to give your students the same experience then you have to purchase the add-on.

Again, if you enable the notes option, your students can add notes on any particular seconds while watching your courses. Check the below section to better understand it.

How to get started using it 

As soon as you get the add-on, you can enable the transcript from the Addons menu on your EzyCourse dashboard.

On the student end, students can view the transcript of the video from the Transcript tab inside any course view, after turning on the captions.


As the video plays, the transcript will auto-scroll. Students can disable the auto-scrolling from the bottom of the screen. 

They can also use the search bar at the top of the transcripts to search for anything and then click on the filtered transcript to instantly jump to that specific timeline of the video.


Just click on the notes, and then see the magic! Students can keep their notes and save for any particular second.

In this way, you can offer your students a better course-viewing experience. Purchase the Advanced Interactive Course Viewing Experience Add-on to enable this feature.