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Create New Folder & Upload Videos from Gallery

Upload Video from URL in a new folder

Uploading video from URL got even more organized with the new feature. Now, you can upload a video by selecting from an existing folder or creating a new folder.  With it, you can directly put videos in the exact related folder as you are uploading it.

Don’t have a related folder? No problem! Because you can create a completely new folder as you are uploading the video. You can even create a new folder when uploading videos in bulk from google drive, for example.

Why You Need It

Using a folder in the video upload in EzyCourse Gallery, you can store your course content in a more organized way within a specific folder.  So, the feature helps you create a dedicated folder for your video uploads from URL.

When there’s too much content, you will know exactly which folder contains what videos or content. As a result, it helps to search for your videos more efficiently, saving you time and effort while keeping your gallery organized.

Upload a Video into a Newly Created Folder

Let’s see how to do it. From Gallery, select Upload from url. And then click the Upload From Url button.

On the popup, you can either create a new folder or select a folder from the existing ones.

Then give the file name, add the video link, and click the Submit button to start uploading the video into the newly created folder.

Once uploaded and downloaded, you’ll find the video inside the folder. You will find the folder on the Video option.

So, ready to keep things organized into suitable and related folders? Use the new feature to make your content management easier than ever!

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