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Exclude Products from Site-Wide Membership

EzyCourse makes it easy for you to turn on site-wide membership, where your users are required to subscribe to the membership for purchasing any product. In other words, you can control and redirect users to your membership page (or any other page) when they try to purchase a product.

But, you might have a course or any other specific product(s) which has the potential of gaining a lot of customers. And the customers might want to access such a product only without having to get the whole package with memberships.

Well, it is now possible to exclude any specific product(s) when you turn on the site-wide membership. So, users can purchase their choice of the standalone product.

How it works

Previously, the site-wide membership applied to all the products on your platform. And you didn’t have any control of choosing the products. Of course, that is an ideal way to run a fully-fledged membership site.

Now, the site-wide membership will still apply on all the products i.e. you can still redirect users to any page you want. But, you also have the luxury of choosing products to exclude. This allows users to buy the excluded products directly.

You can choose to exclude all products under a category such as all courses, all digital products, etc. Or, you can exclude specific products, allowing customers to purchase.

How to get started using it 

To exclude a specific product, login to your EzyCourse dashboard, scroll down the left sidebar, and select the Global Settings menu. 

Turn the toggle on to enable site-wide membership and then select the page you wish to redirect users when they try to purchase any product on your platform. 

To exclude a product, select the specific product from the dropdown menu. You can select multiple products. 

You can also exclude all the products under a specific product-type (courses, digital products, group chats, etc.) along with excluding specific products.

Don’t forget to click the Update button to save the changes. 

On the student-end, they can now purchase the product you’ve excluded from the site-wide membership, without having to subscribe to the membership plan.