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Assignment Lesson: Multiple File Submission & Previews

EzyCourse makes it extremely fun and easy for you to create and manage assignment lessons. Moreover, your students could also submit assignments easily and see all the instructions you provide. 

As good as it was, we found a way to improve how you and your students experience the assignment lessons. Now, your students will be able to preview the files when they are submitting, adding clarity to what they are submitting. In addition, they can also submit multiple files including images and videos!

Furthermore, the admin or the teachers can also see the preview of the submitted files, giving them an enhanced experience.

How It Works 

Previously, the students couldn’t view the files after uploading or submitting the assignment. All they could see was the name of the file. In addition, students only had the luxury of uploading files such as doc, pdf, txt, etc. 

Now, they have the opportunity to upload and submit images and videos. On top of that, they can also submit more than one file, allowing you to accept multiple files for the same assignment. Students will also be able to see the preview of the files whether it is images or videos.

All in all, it will help to improve the experience and provide clarity for your students when submitting the assignment files. 

How to get started using it 

On the student-end, inside of an assignment lesson in a course, students can upload the files as required. 

They can upload images, videos, and files in multiples. 

[Note: Once a file is uploaded, they will have access to those files easily for using them again in the future.]

Students can upload multiple files if they want to and if they are required to. After uploading, they will be able to see the preview of the images and videos.

Here’s the student view after submitting the files. 

On the admin-end, you can also see the file preview from Student submissions -> Assignment -> and click the View submission button. You can do important actions on image files like copy, download, or open in a new tab for a better view. 

So, give your students a more easy and improved assignment lesson experience.