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Private Accessibility: More Products Included

Private accessibility gives you complete control and lets you filter who can enroll and access a product on your platform. This accessibility option was available for use with Courses, Communities, Group Chats, and Live Streams.

Now, we have included it in other important products so that you can have a greater degree of control in terms of product enrollment in your platform.

How It Works

The EzyCourse private accessibility prevents your students from directly enrolling or accessing a product from your website. With this setting, the students can only send requests for enrollment/purchase of the product. You have the freedom of accepting the request and only then will they have access to the product.

The products that will now have this feature are: Digital products, Physical products, Appointments, Video Libraries, Audio Libraries, and Events.

How to get started using it

As an admin, you will find the private accessibility settings when creating or editing a product on your platform.

A product with private accessibility will not be directly purchasable for the students. Rather when they go to the product checkout page, they can send requests to you.

You can see the purchase requests from your admin dashboard. Go to Sales -> Purchase requests.

To accept the request and enroll the student, click the three dots and select the Enroll option.

If the product has multiple pricings then you can select which pricing to charge. Of course, the only products where you can have multiple pricings are Courses and Memberships.

After you enroll, the students can have access to the product from their dashboard. 

We hope the extension of private accessibility to other products helps you to have more control over the enrollment process.