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Combine Multiple Email Campaign Filters

You can launch email campaigns on EzyCourse with the option to target an audience based on activities and email tags. Some of the filters you could use include targeting specific students, students who fill up a form, who bought specific products, and much more.

But, you couldn’t add more than one filter to your email campaigns. For example, you could not target students who submitted a form as well as students who bought a course. You’d have to send the same email in two different email campaigns.

Now, this limitation is removed because you can combine as many filters as you like in one single email campaign. As a result, it will save time and effort, and help you to really effectively target the audiences you want to reach in an email campaign.

How it works

You can now target a wider audience in your email campaigns. When launching a campaign, you can select more than one filter. In fact, as many filters as you’d like! 

[Note: There are exceptions to combining the filters. For example, the ones related to tags cannot be used in combination with other filters.]

Moreover, you can view all the targeted students i.e. recipients of the email chosen from all the different filters which you applied.

How to get started using it 

Go to the page where you create an email campaign. You can find it from your EzyCourse dashboard by navigating to Marketing & Contacts -> Email campaigns. Click the Start New Campaign button on the top right corner of your screen.

Select the audience/filter from the drop down option after adding the title and subject of your email. 

Then you can select the targets on the second drop down option. And click the Apply button to add the filter. 

You can add more filters in the same way to combine them. After a filter or filters are combined, you can see which ones you added. In addition, the total number of students the email will be sent to.

To reset and select the filters from the start, click the Reset button. 

So, take advantage of combining multiple filters and target a wider audience more efficiently with your email campaigns.