Notifications for Posts

Learn how to turn notifications on for a post in your community and never miss any activity.

Hide a Community Post

No need to keep any post displayed in your community space that you don't want. Learn to hide a community post on EzyCourse.

Delete a Community Post

Remove any post that is only crowding your community space. Learn how to delete to post in EzyCourse community.

Edit a Community Post 

Make necessary changes to any post in your community and learn to edit any content easily.

Pin a Community Post

How to pin a post in EzyCourse Community? Pin important posts, announcements, and highlight easily what everybody needs to see.

Save/Unsave Community Posts

Save any post easily in your community and find them all in one place.

Create a Community Channel

Learn how to create a channel and keep everything neatly organized in your community.

Search Community Feeds & Members

Use the search bar inside your community to find posts and members faster.

Schedule a Post

On EzyCourse Community, you can schedule a post to be published at a different time and date. Find out how in this article.

EzyCourse Community Cross-Post 

Learn to Cross-post to channels and communities. Share content with a wider audience, save time and effort with EzyCourse.

Create a Poll

Learn how to post a poll and get user feedback in your EzyCourse communities.

Add Media to Community Posts

Learn how to include photos, videos, and files in your community posts.

Create a Post on Communities

Learn how to create a post in communities on the EzyCourse platform.

Delete an EzyCourse Community

Learn how to delete an existing community on the EzyCourse platform.

Sort Community Channels

Sort your community channels easily with simple drag and drop feature. Learn how to sort channels in this article.

Delete or Cancel Community Enrollment

Learn how to delete or cancel the enrollment of a member in your community.

After-Checkout Page for Community

Learn how to set a custom page as the after-checkout page of your community.

EzyCourse Community Dashboard

Get introduced to the EzyCourse community dashboard and learn how to utilize it in managing your community.

Create Premium Communities

Learn how you can create a premium community on the EzyCourse platform.

EzyCourse Community Privacy & Visibility

In this article, you'll learn how to set visibility settings for your community. Decide whether to give viewing access to non-members.

Create an EzyCourse Community

Learn how to create a community on the EzyCourse platform and engage with students like never before.

Chats in Communities

In this article, you'll learn to customize how chat options work in your communities.

Community Accessibility Settings 

Learn how you can set the accessibility settings for Communities on EzyCourse platform.

Community Post Approval Settings

How to control the posts in your community? Learn how to set the post approval option for your community.

Show Community Members List

Learn how to show community members inside your community.