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Create a Community Channel

How to Create a Community Channel

Create your own topic-based channels on the EzyCourse communities. In this article, we show how you can create, edit, and use channels in communities.

→ To begin, go to Products & Services -> Communities -> click the three dots and select View.

→ Now, to create a channel, first click the “add/plus” icon on the left side of your screen, on the Channels section.

→ Give the channel a name, set the permission settings, and select whether to create a free, premium, or a locked channel. Click the Create button to create the new channel.

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→ You can edit and delete a channel later. Simply click the three dots and select Edit to edit or Remove to delete the channel.

Students will only have the option to follow/unfollow a channel. You can do it too to stay updated on every activity that takes place inside the channel.