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Community Accessibility Settings 

Set Accessibility Settings for Communities 

In this article, you’ll learn about the community accessibility settings, how to set them, and how they put restraints on your EzyCourse community.

You can set the accessibility settings when creating a new community. For an existing community, go to Products & Services -> Communities -> click the three dots and select Edit option.

From here, you can choose four different accessibility settings.


Public communities are visible to students on your site (under All products -> Community section on your website). That includes unregistered users also. Anyone can join a public community.


All registered/ unregistered users can see the private communities on your site, but no one can join without your approval. So, basically they give join requests which you have to approve first.

For enrolling the student, go to Deals & Sales -> Purchase Requests. Here, you’ll find all the requests not just of communities but all other products in your online course platform. Anyways, click the three dots and click on the Enroll option to complete student enrollment in your private community.


These are hidden from the student view. In other words, hidden communities do not show up on your site. You as the owner have to provide the landing page link of the community to students for joining.

To find the landing page link, go to Products & Services -> Communities -> and click on the name of the community you’ve set as hidden.

Now, copy the URL link from the landing page. You can share the link with the students that you want to enroll in the hidden community.


With restricted settings enabled, your communities are not purchasable. In other words, users will still see the community on your site but they will not be able to join or send requests.

Don’t forget to click the Update community button after editing the accessibility settings.