User Roles and Permissions

Managing Users: An Overview

Learn what and how to manage all the different users on the EzyCourse platform.

Add a New Student

Learn how to enroll a new student on your platform right from the EzyCourse dashboard.

Private Chat Settings

Learn how to enable and give private chat access to students.

Student Login Sessions

Learn about the EzyCourse Login Sessions feature and how you can logout students right from your dashboard.

Manual Enrollments

Manage enrollments of a student and learn how to manually enroll a student to any course or give access to any product on your platform.

Edit Product Expiry Date

Learn how to update and manipulate the expiry date of a product which a student has access to.

Cancel an Enrollment

Learn how to remove the access of a product from a student and cancel their enrollment.

Issue a Certificate

Issue a course certificate manually to a brilliant mind on your platform. Learn how from here.

View/Reset Course Progress

Learn how you can view the course progress of a student. This guide also gives you a walkthrough on how you can reset the course progress of a student.

Delete a Student

Learn how to remove and delete a student from your platform.

Student Email Tags

Learn how you can launch targeted email campaigns by assigning tags to students.

EzyCourse Student Affiliate

Learn about student affiliate program and how you can add a student on your platform as an affiliate.

EzyCourse Magic Login

This article guides you about the student Magic Login feature on the EzyCourse platform.

Add a New Teacher

Learn how to add a teacher on your platform.

Allow Teacher to Chat

Learn how to give the private chat access to teachers so that they can discuss with any student.

View Transactions w/ Teacher

Learn how to view and manage all the transactions made with a teacher on your platform.

Pay a Teacher/Revenue Partner

Keep track of the transactions taking place with your revenue partner.

EzyCourse Revenue Partner

This article guides you on how to add a revenue partner and offer them commissions.

Approve New Student Enrollment

Learn how to set the manual approval option and approve new student enrollment requests.

Add a New Site Admin

Learn how to add a new admin on your platform and give access to all features.

Add a New Developer

Learn how to add a new developer on your platform and give access to website building features.