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What You Can Sell

Apart from monetizing your expertise and selling Courses, you can also use EzyCourse to earn from selling a wide variety of items and products. Here, you will know about some of the products that you can sell on EzyCourse.

Products that you can sell on EzyCourse include:


One of the first things you will have to do on the platform after signing up is to create a Course. Courses act as one of the key foundations to your online business.

• You build Courses by creating chapters and lessons. There’s no limit to how many chapters or lessons you can add.

• EzyCourse supports 10+ lesson types, ensuring you deliver high-quality content. Lessons include Video, PDF, Quiz, Assignment, Live, SCORM/HTML, and more.


Communities are the perfect combination that you should have along with your Courses. EzyCourse offers a super user-friendly and attention-grabbing facebook like Community.

• Communities are where you can connect your students and foster engagement through posts, reactions, and comments.

• You can create channels in Communities based on topics. And students can follow to receive instant notifications, ensuring a greater engagement with your platform.

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Memberships are a great way to package other items/products together and sell them as a bundle. With membership, you can either earn a big amount or gain recurring payment with one sale.

• You can add any product to a Membership package, from Courses and Communities to Appointments and Live Streams.

• EzyCourse lets you turn your whole website into a membership site with a click of a button.

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Live Streams

You can create and monetize live stream sessions on EzyCourse. It’s not only a way to connect with your audience in real-time, but another revenue stream for your business.

• 3 types of streaming with re-streaming options to other platforms like Facebook, Twitch, etc.

• Live chat while streaming and you get to decide whether you stream only to your audience or go global.

Digital / Physical Products

Selling downloadable digital items or any physical product means more income for your business. 

• Sell downloadable audio files, ebooks, etc. as digital products. And sell notepads, T-shirts, etc. as physical products.

• Organize your digital/physical products into suitable categories and utilize our built-in SEO support.

[Note: With our customer address settings, you can collect customer addresses on the checkout page of your physical products.]

Explore & Learn More

While these are the main products on EzyCourse that will help to get your business up and running when you first start, there are plenty more to accelerate your earnings. More products you can sell on EzyCourse include -  



Group chat

Video library

Audio library

Apart from products, there are plethora of ways you can generate more revenue such as bundle courses, premium pages and blogs, affiliate programs, and much more.

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