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Monetizing Products: Types of Pricing Options 

Whether it’s courses, physical products, or anything else; EzyCourse offers a wide variety of pricing options so that you can cater to the needs of different audiences and diverse preferences.

In this article, we’ll explore the different ways you can monetize your products on the EzyCourse platform.

One-Time Pricing

You can sell all the products, whether a course or a membership, with a one-off payment. In other words, your customers have to pay only once to get the product. There is no question of recurring payment in this case.

Apart from the fact that one-time pricing helps your business to get the full payment for the product immediately, it also helps the customers to know exactly how much they’re spending upfront.

Subscription Pricing

The subscription pricing is available to use on most of the products. With EzyCourse, you can sell products on a monthly, yearly, or even daily subscription. It is completely up to you how you want to sell your products.

In addition to having the flexibility of choosing a subscription interval, you also have the luxury of selecting the interval count i.e. defining the number of intervals the customer has to pay upfront. You can use this to offer discounts for longer subscriptions and ensure a lasting commitment from your customers.

Some products which are sellable as subscriptions include - 

• Courses

• Memberships

• Communities

• Chats

• Audio library 

• Video library and more.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing lets you sell products in bulk within multiple price ranges i.e. tiers, where each tier offers a different number of products. It’s an ideal choice for selling your products to large businesses and organizations. Tiered pricing comes as both a one-time and subscription system.

You can only use tiered pricing to sell courses i.e. it is not available for any other products. 

Learn more about it: Click here

Split Payment

Selling high-priced products can sometimes be a tricky task. That is where you can offer your students the option to divide large amounts into smaller chunks, and pay out the fee. Split payment does exactly that!

With split-payment, you receive payments through installments. As a result, you can cater to different needs and budgets, and provide options suited to diverse preferences.

At the moment, you can use the split-payment option with your Courses and Memberships.

Pay what you want (Donation Pricing)

With ‘Pay what you want’ pricing plan, you let users contribute willingly and happily to your course/membership. Users can freely input the amount they wish to pay or access the course completely for free, depending on how you set up the plan.

The donation pricing option is an excellent way to attract your users into buying your courses or membership bundles. It gives your students the freedom to buy their favorite product with the price that is affordable for them.

You can only use donation pricing to sell courses and memberships i.e. it is not available for any other products. 

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EzyCourse is one of the few that offers such a diverse range of pricing options to monetize your products on the online sphere. You also have more control in customizing your pricing plans.

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