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Site Owner & User Roles

There are different user roles in EzyCourse, each having their own levels of functionalities and accessibility. In this article, you will learn about the different user roles and how they function on your platform.

Just so you know, you can find the users on the EzyCourse dashboard under the All users menu.

Site Owner 

The Site Owner sits at the top of the tree in terms of functionalities and accessibilities. In other words, they have full access to everything on the plan the platform is currently on. That includes the Website Builder, Course Creation, adding and managing other users, setting up payment integrations, editing site info, etc.

There is only one Site Owner no matter which plan you get.

Site Admin

Site Admin has virtually the same functionalities and accessibility as the Site Owner. There could be multiple Site Admins for one single EzyCourse account. The Site Owner can create Site Admins, and even an existing Site Admin can create new Site Admins too.

Although Site Admins have access to most functions, there are some limitations-

• They do not have access to the Due Payment menu, which is used to pay out revenue partners.

• They do not have access to change or edit the site info like site email address, password, etc.

• They cannot see the current plan or update the plan.


The Teacher has access to most things related to the Courses. That includes managing student submissions, creating and editing Courses, gamification, etc. A teacher also has access to all the products on the platform and can make changes, if necessary.

But, marketing, payment gateways, all users info, site builder, etc. are not accessible for the teacher.

Revenue Partner 

The Site Owner or a Site Admin can turn a teacher into a revenue partner. When a teacher is also a revenue partner, they can earn a percentage share as defined by the Site Owner/Admin when creating a revenue partner.

Since revenue partners are themselves teachers on the platform, they do not get any additional dashboard. As far as accessibility goes, it’s the same as a teacher.


You, as the site owner or admin, have the flexibility of adding developers on your platform. Developers have access to all the settings related to the website. That includes using the EzyCourse Builder to craft beautiful and eye-catching web pages.

Developers can also create and edit site menus, add custom CSS, global JS, third-party scripts, set site fonts, and the language of the website.

Apart from website building, they have no access to other options like courses, users, products, etc.

Affiliate User

You (Site Owner/Admin) can have your own affiliate program and create affiliate users on the platform. You can set the commission when creating a new affiliate user.

An affiliate user on the platform works as a referrer i.e. they refer your platform to others and earn their commission only when the referred user purchases something on your platform. 

Affiliate users have their own dashboard where they can access the “affiliate dashboard”. The “affiliate dashboard” is where they find the referral link, see visitor stats, and view all the transactions.

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Students act as the main customers of your platform. They have access to view your website, and once logged in, they can purchase any product including Courses and Communities.

More accessibility given to students include-

• Student dashboard (where they can view order history, access their profile info, and manage pretty much everything)

• Products bought (details about purchased products like viewing Course lessons, accessing Community, etc.)

• Notifications

• Group/Private Chat (depends on whether they have bought or have the required access)

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