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Subscription Membership Pricing

How to set Subscription Pricing for Memberships

EzyCourse lets you sell Membership plans with different pricings. In this article, you’ll learn how to set the Subscription option for your memberships.

To begin, head over to your dashboard and go to Products & Services -> Membership.

Here, you’ll see all your existing plans. Choose a plan, click the three dots, and select the Pricing option.

If you’ve not created a pricing previously for the selected plan then you’ll get a blank page with the Create New Price button. Click on it.

Now, choose the Subscription Plan option from the list. You can set the interval count and whether the subscription is yearly, monthly, or in days.

You can also set a free trial and limit the trial to a specific number of days. After the trial ends, the payment will automatically be collected from your users card.

Enable Without card option to allow cardless free trial for your students i.e. they will not have to give any payment card info when signing up for the trial.