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One-Time Membership Pricing

How to set One-Time Pricing for Memberships

EzyCourse lets you sell Membership plans with different pricings. In this article, you’ll learn how to set the One-Time Plan (standard) for your memberships.

To begin, head over to your dashboard and go to Products & Services -> Membership.

Here, you’ll see all your existing plans. Choose a plan, click the three dots, and select the Pricing option.

If you’ve not created a pricing previously for the selected plan then you’ll get a blank page with the Create New Price button. Click on it.

Now, choose the One-Time Plan (Standard) option from the list. You can set the price and strike-through price. It is also possible to give free trial to your students for some specific number of days.

With the one-time pricing set, students will purchase the membership plan with one-off payment and can access it from their dashboard.