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Content Library w/ Memberships

You can control the library access and incentivise membership purchase on your platform. In this article, you will learn how to restrict standalone purchases and sell audio/video libraries with memberships.

This way, you can add more value to your membership plans. Besides, bundling the libraries together with other products will help to create and offer your users a more comprehensive package.

1. To begin, create a membership plan and set your desired pricing. Then create an audio or video library. Make sure you follow these settings when creating the library:

• Status: Published

• Access: Restricted

• Pricing: Premium

Don’t forget to add audios/videos to the library.

2. After you create the library with these settings, head over to the membership page on your dashboard and add the library to your membership.

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3. Now that you have the library inside your membership package, you have to edit the audio/video library that you created and change the following settings:

• Status: Password protected

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This is because you cannot add a password protected library to a membership plan. But, since the library is already added to the plan, you can edit and change the settings.

Now, with the current settings, your users will not be able to buy the library alone. In fact, none can access the library even because it will be password protected.

Gaining access to the library will require them to purchase the membership plan. Once they purchase the package, they’ll have access to the library along with other products (if any).

But, it is noteworthy that members will still need to give the password for access. You can provide the password to their email address or post in your community.

Ultimately, you get to restrict the access to non-members and only allow the membership subscribers to access with the protected password.