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How to Add Third Party Scripts on Your Platform

You can use third party tools like Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Google Tag Manager, cookie banner, etc. on your website. In this article, you will learn how to add third party tools on your site.

To add third party tools, all you need is the script tag of the tool you want to integrate on your site.

[Note: You can easily find the script tag of a tool on their documentation once you create an account.]

After you copy the script tag, you have to go to your EzyCourse dashboard and head over to Website Builder -> Global JS Script. There are two parts in Global JS Script: first part is Header and the second part is Footer. Depending on the third party tool, you have to paste the script tag on the Header or the Footer.

For example, Google Tag Manager script tag should be used on the Header section. You will find directions where to use the script tag on their documentation. 

[Note: A script tag meant to be used in the Header section will not work if you use it in the Footer section. And vice versa.]

After you paste the script tag, click the Save button on the top right corner of your screen to integrate the third party tool on your site. You can also integrate Meta Pixel using third party script. It helps to track visitor activity on your website, allowing you to launch more successful campaigns.

Similarly, script tags of tools like gooChat should be used in the Footer part. Once you paste, click the Save button to integrate the tool in your site.

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