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Language Localization in EzyCourse Builder 

You can set the texts of widgets and templates in different languages on the website builder. In this article, you’ll learn how to edit texts and localize the language in the builder. 

When you first insert a pre-built template or a block into the builder, the text you see on those elements are the default texts. You can see the default text for any element by selecting the element on the builder. The default text appears on the left sidebar under the Localization setting. 

The default text is the text which is on the template or block. You cannot edit or change it. The reason you see default text is so that you know which text was on the template/block originally, and can copy from here if you ever want to go back.

To add a text for any language, first select the language from the dropdown at the top. 

Now, select the text you want to change. And then edit the text right on the builder. After editing, you’ll see the text for the selected language appear on the left sidebar also, along with default text.