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Gamification and Coins System

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What is Gamification and Coins System and Why You Need It 

Right now, EzyCourse allows you to award points for different activities such as signup, new posts in a community etc. These points can then give the students a badge based on your points criteria. For example, 10 points will award level one badge and 10000 points level 20 etc. But that was it. These points and badges didn’t quite have any real values. 

Now, we brought coin addons. Using this coin addon, you can maximize the engagement by allowing them to convert the points into usable coins. Coins can be used to buy any one time product from your website and soon coins can be used for gifting. 

We are launching gifting coins capabilities inside the community, commenting on all places so that students can gift coins to each other and also teachers. A teacher can also give coins to his students.

How it works

With the coin system, your students will get the chance to buy coins on your website. And with coins, they can purchase any product including Courses and Communities.

But, before your students can use coins, you have to enable it from your dashboard. You can create coin packages which the students will buy from your website. In addition, you have the control to assign the value of coins compared to the currency price. This comes into play when the students are purchasing products with coins instead of money.

Also, you can set the exchange rate between points and coins. A student can convert their total points to get more coins.

How to set up and get started using it

You can start using the coin system from your dashboard as soon as you get the add-on. Simply go to My Add-on -> Gamification.

To create a coin package, click the Add Coin Packages button.

On the popup, you can set the coin amount and the price for the package. Click Add Package to create a new package.

With the package created, you are now ready to display it to the students. To show your package/packages as a product, toggle on the Enable Gamification button and click the Save Settings button.

This will show your coin packages on the All products page of your site so that students can buy the coins.

The other toggle button, Allow Payment, enables payment with coins. This will show the Pay With Coins option in the checkout page so that your students can purchase products (Courses, Communities, etc.) with coins.

[Note: Students can use coins to only purchase the products with a One-Time pricing plan.]

You have the complete freedom to set the value of coins with respect to the currency. Also, you can set the exchange rate between coins and points.

[Note: Students can convert the points to get coins. This conversion is based on how you set the points here.]

How Coins work with Currency & Points

Suppose a product on your platform costs $20. Now, if you set the value of the coin as 1 USD = 110 Coins. Then the student can purchase the product worth $20 for 2200 coins.

Points are related to coins in that students can convert points to receive coins. Suppose a student has 3000 points. If you set 1 Coin = 80 Points, then the student can convert the 3000 points to get 37.5 coins.

Student View 

Students can purchase coin packages from the All products page or right from their dashboard on the Coin History menu.

Clicking the Buy Coins button will take them to the checkout page, where they can see all the packages available on your platform.

All coin packages bought by students appear on their dashboard in the Coin History menu, where they can also filter the coins according to different criteria such as purchased and used.

To convert their total points to coins, they can click the Convert Points to Coins button. And then click OK on the confirmation popup.

To purchase a product with coins, they will see the Pay With Coins option on the checkout page. 

If they do not have enough coins then they’ll see a button so that they can buy your coin packages from right here.

So, ready to foster engagement, excitement, and much more with the Gamification Coin System? Get the add-on today! Prices available at: $22/m Monthly, $19/m Yearly, or only $259 LTD.