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EzyCourse Email Template Builder

You can use our email builder to design and style beautiful-looking email templates. In this article, you’ll learn about the email builder and the assets you get with it to create beautiful templates.

To create a new template, login to your EzyCourse dashboard, go to Marketing & Contacts -> Email templates -> and click the Create Template button on the top right corner.

When you enter the builder, you’ll see the editor taking up most of the space, and contents/stylings are on the right side of the screen. 

Add a Column First

The simple default rule to using the email builder is to always add a column and then put contents into the column.

[Note: When you first enter the builder, a column will already be placed for you in the editor. No need to drag and drop a column into the editor.]

If you want to add a column, simply drag and drop it on the editor. To add multiple sections, click the column on the editor and you’ll see the different layouts.

You can also add different column properties like background color, padding, and borders. You can even set the background color for the borders.

You can also edit the row properties. The row is basically the body of the whole editor. 

Adding Contents 

When you are done editing the column, you can move to add contents inside the column. To add content, go to the Content tab from the sidebar and simply drag and drop any content into the column area.

After you add content inside the column, you can click to select the content area.

The options you get depend on the type of content. For example, a Header will let you choose the header type, text color, font settings, alignment, etc. The Text content offers similar options.

An Image content will let you upload the image, set the alt text, and control the width and alignment.

The other interesting option you can use is setting an action when the image is clicked. This option is also available for the Button content. 

You also get similar options with Button as you get with Header or Text including background color, text color, font settings, width, and alignment. In addition to these, you have control over spacing which contains settings related to padding and borders.

Other content you can use on the email builder are Divider, HTML, and a Menu. The Divider simply adds a horizontal line, HTML lets you add HTML tags, and Menu gives you the option to create a navbar inside your email.

So, that’s the EzyCourse email builder with which you can easily create templates. And remember the default rule: Add a Column and then add the desired Contents.

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