Category: Feature Updates

Unlocking another revenue stream: Audio libraries!

We're thrilled to introduce yet another fantastic feature that's set to turbocharge your earning potential: Audio Libraries! Just like our beloved video libraries, you can now create, curate, and sell audio content to your eager audience.

? Here's how it works:

  • Login to your dashboard.

  • Under the "Products" section, you'll find the brand-new Audio Library and Audio Categories options.

Similar to video libraries, you can effortlessly craft and manage captivating audio collections. Choose whether to offer them as freebies or premium content that unlocks additional revenue streams.

Once you’ve created your audio library, find them in all audio libraries list, from there click on the three dots icon in the Action column and from the popup menu explore the different available options, such as add audios to your library from here.

Create a new page or open any existing page in the builder where you’d like to showcase your audio libraries, and drag and drop the Audio library widget.

This is how the Audio libraries on a page will look like: