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Push Notification Campaigns

Introducing the Exciting New Feature: Push Notification Campaigns!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest feature, "Push Notification Campaigns." This powerful tool empowers you to reach out to your inactive students directly through push notifications, right from your admin dashboard.

For those who have purchased our branded white-label app, you will find the "Push Notifications" option conveniently located in your dashboard under the "Marketing & Contacts" section. Simply click on "Start New Campaign" to initiate your campaign and start engaging with your inactive students.

You have the choice to include a "Title" and "Description" for your campaign.

You also have the option to choose your audience, whether it includes all of your students or specific students based on certain requirements. Please note that only students who are logged in to your Branded App will receive the notification.

Once you have selected your audience and completed all other necessary preparations, simply click on the "Send Notification" button, and your students will receive the alert on their devices and can view a details screen .