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Marketplace For Creators

We are diligently working on a marketplace feature just for you. This functionality allows you to effortlessly create and manage your own marketplace, opening up greater earning possibilities within your creators' network. Since not everyone is an expert in creating and selling, it's ideal for you to set it up for them. This way, your creators, or sellers, can focus solely on selling.

Now, you may have questions such as how it will work and how you will benefit. In this article, we will delve into all the available options.

Marketplace Features:

Explore the exciting features that come with our marketplace addons:

  1. Tailored Signup Page for Sellers:

    • Sellers can easily sign up, and upon your approval, gain access to their dedicated dashboard.

  2. Separate Seller Dashboard:

    • Sellers enjoy a completely independent dashboard, ensuring a seamless and focused experience.

  3. Data Security for Sellers:

    • Sellers have no control over your data or other sellers' data, ensuring a secure environment.

  4. Admin Control Over Data:

    • Admins have full control over data, including galleries, courses, and uploaded content.

  5. Customizable Pricing Plans:

    • Admins can create unique pricing plans for all sellers and define the earning structure, a topic we'll explore further in this article.

  6. Membership-based Product Limits:

    • Admins can assign product limits based on the seller's membership type. For example, sellers on the basic plan may be restricted to selling 10 courses and 1 community. The flexibility is yours to define.

  7. Flexible Pricing and Commission Structure:

    • Admins can set up personalized pricing and commission structures to suit their business model.

  8. Transparent Payment Tracking:

    • Admins and sellers can easily track all incoming and outgoing payments. With Stripe Connect integration, sellers can add their banking info for seamless, automatic payments based on your defined roles.

    • You can also set up paying your sellers manually if Stripe Connect is not available.

Unlocking New Revenue Streams with Our Marketplace:

Explore how our marketplace can pave the way for additional revenue:

  1. Commission Charging Capability:

    • Set up a commission structure where you determine both your share and your sellers' earnings.

  2. Membership Monetization:

    • Offer access to premium features through various membership plans. Create dynamic plans such as Basic, Pro, and Advanced, each with distinct costs and access levels.

      • Example:

        • Basic Plan: Access to courses and communities, with limits (e.g., 10 courses and 1 community).

        • Pro Plan: Extended access to courses, communities, digital products, blogs, etc., with customizable limits.

        • Advanced Plan: Comprehensive access to all features with personalized terms.

    • Attach numbers and charges accordingly, incorporating additional elements like payout duration and commission structures based on membership tiers.

      • Example:

        • Charge a 20% commission for Basic, 15% for Pro, and 5% for Advanced members. This way, revenue is generated both through membership sales and commission fees.

EzyCourse Pricing Structure:

Discover how EzyCourse charges, keeping it simple and transparent:

  1. Subscription or LTD Price:

    • To access the marketplace features, EzyCourse offers a subscription model or a lifetime deal (LTD) at $150-250 per month or a one-time payment of $1499. Take advantage of the LTD pre-order opportunity now.

  2. Commission Fee per Sale:

    • EzyCourse imposes a commission fee ranging from 1-2.5% per sale. This fee ensures the sustainable operation of the platform.

  3. Seller Onboarding Charges:

    • With the subscriptions mentioned in point 1, a certain number of sellers are included for free. Beyond this limit, there's a charge of $5 per seller per month or a similar bulk pricing option. As you bring more sellers on board, not only does your revenue increase, but this fee also helps offset the additional load on the system. Consider it a way to recover costs associated with each seller's impact on the system, easily manageable through your diverse revenue streams.(Onboarding fee is applicable for both LTD and subscription users as well)