Category: Feature Updates

Introducing two-way Google calendar sync for appointments!?️

We are delighted to share the news of our latest enhancement in Appointment scheduling. With this update, we offer you two-way syncing with Google Calendar. This means that whenever someone enrolls in your appointment, it will automatically be added to your Google Calendar. Also, if you have already scheduled an event on Google Calendar, students won't be able to book appointments during that time. Additionally, if you select 'Google Meet' as your meeting type, there's no need to provide a link. Those who enroll in your appointment will receive the link directly via email. To find your Google Meet link, just click on the event to see the meeting details and the link.

Google Calendar Integration

To enable two-way syncing with Google Calendar, connect your Google account. Go to Site Settings, choose 'Settings,' click on 'Connections,' sign in with Google, and you're all set.

View the schedule on your Google Calendar.