Category: Feature Updates

Introducing the advanced appointment module!?

Managing appointments has never been easier or more flexible. With this powerful module, you can create and customize appointment events, offer various scheduling options, set pricing, and even send automated reminder emails. Let's dive into the exciting capabilities of this upgrade!

⏰ Group Slots & Single Slots: The Power of Choice ?

We understand that appointment dynamics can vary, so we've got you covered! You can offer both group slots and single slots. This means that one person can book multiple slots or even the same slot multiple times, allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling.

To access appointments, click on “Products” from your dashboard’s left menu, and then click “Appointments”. You will be taken to the Appointments list page, from where you will be able to view all your appointments and manage them.

You can edit them, turn on/off or even delete your appointment events.

You can view bookings, and cancel them if you wish.

You can also choose to manually book slots for your audience.

To create appointment events locate the “Create event” button on the top right as shown in the screenshot below.