Category: Feature Updates

Introducing the ability to bulk load Digital Products from CSV at once!

Exciting news heading your way as we’ve just finished adding a new enhancement on the platform. Now, you can import your digital products at once from a CSV file. All at the same time!

Yes! You can now import more than one digital product simultaneously onto your platform from a CSV file. In fact, you have the luxury of uploading up to 100 digital products at once. That’s great news for you guys!

How does it work? It’s all simple and accessible right from your dashboard.

Login to your dashboard and go to Products -> Digital products


Here, you’ll see the newly added button called Import Digital Products. Click the button and you’ll see the option to choose your CSV file, which by the way should contain all the information about the digital products you want to upload.

[Note: Please follow the instructions given about how the columns should be in your CSV file, and also how to add specifications.]