Category: Feature Updates

Introducing Tagging Feature in Email Campaigns

You can create tags, assign them to students and/or form contacts, and then launch campaigns that are specifically relevant to the tagged students or contacts respectively. That simply means a better chance of personalization to truly grab the attention of your audience.

To begin, go to your dashboard -> Marketing & Contacts -> Tags. Here, you’ll see all the tags you’ve created and can create a new one by clicking the Add Tag button on the top right corner of your screen.

Now, you can assign the tags to specific students based on behavior, activity, performance, and whatnot. To do that, go to All users -> Students. Here, you’ll see the new Tags Action column.

Under the Tags Action column, click the Create button to assign a new tag to the student and use the Delete button to clear any tag which you’ve already assigned.

To set tags to contacts from form responses go to Forms & Contacts, and click on the action popup menu button to view the form responses and you’ll see options to set from

After you’ve created and assigned tags to students, you are ready to launch email campaigns using the tagging system. To create a new campaign, go to Email campaigns under Marketing & Contacts, and click the Start New Campaign button on the top right corner.

You can use two options to launch tagged email campaigns. You can select the tag name and all students with that tag will receive the email. Multiple tag selection is possible. The second option lets you select contacts based on tags who respond to (specific) forms. That includes all forms.

That's it! You can jump right into the new features from your dashboard. And start launching more personalized, organized, and effective email campaigns.